No Room For Dust

Bodhi originally has no tree,
The mirror also has no stand.
Buddha nature is always clean and pure,
Where is there room for dust?

The revenant keeps watch
over the dead and the living.

Without injustices,
the name of justice
would mean what?

—Heraclitus, fragment 123, fragment 60

For such is the nature of men, that howsoever they may acknowledge many others to be more witty, or more eloquent, or more learned; Yet they will hardly believe there be many so wise as themselves: For they see their own wit at hand, and other mens at a distance.

—Hobbes, Leviathan, Chapter XIII


Arsenal fan Spike Lee hanging with Arsenal legend Thierry Henry at a New York Knicks game


Arsenal fan Spike Lee hanging with Arsenal legend Thierry Henry at a New York Knicks game

The Rue de l’Hirondelle […] its clientele made up of anarchists, prowlers, students, oddballs, tarts, down-and-outs, regaling themselves on the cheap […] If there are places in the world, quarters reserved for human perversity, that surpass in ignominy these bordering on the Seine and stretching around Rue Mazarine, where are they?

—Alexandre Privat d’Anglemont, Paris anecdote

LRB blog on the normalisation of WikiLeaks

‘We’re going to fuck them all,’ Assange wrote in an email in January 2007, just after the site had been set up. ‘We’re going to crack the world open and let it flower into something new.’

This is not a reform project, nor should it be.

World Hood - Estrella Sanchez

—Indigenous 808 (sonora remix)

Essential summer listening: World Hood - Indigenous 808 (sonora remix)

Fichte’s Greatest Hits

"Nevertheless, the idea of an infinity to be thus completed floats as a vision before us, and is rooted in our innermost nature.  We are obliged, as it enjoins us, to resolve the contradiction; though we cannot even think it possible of solution, and foresee that in no moment of an existence prolonged to all eternity will we ever be able to consider it possible.  But this is just the mark in us that we are destined for eternity" (ENG 238; GER I, 270).

"The ultimate ground of all consciousness is an interaction of the self with itself, by way of a not-self that has to be regarded from different points of view.  This is the circle from which the finite spirit cannot escape, and cannot with to escape, unless it is to disown reason and demand its own annihilation" (ENG 248; GER I, 282).

"We do not become aware of our own action, and are necessarily bound to assume that we have received from without what we have in fact ourselves produced by our own forces, and according to our own laws" (ENG 255; GER I, 290).

[Trans. Heath & Lachs, 1970]

Phoenix does an acoustic “1901” at the Eiffel Tower.